Friend the tree

In the journey of life, I will encounter many people, they make us feel happy. Some people side by side with our line, witnessed the ebb and flow; Some people just get along with our brief. We are called friends. Friends are many. Just like a tree, each leaf is a friend.


The earliest friends germination is our father and mother, they tell us what is life. Next are our brothers and sisters, they grow with us, and together toward prosperity. Then all of our family and friends, and they let us respect, so we are worried about.


The fate also bestowed our other friends. We do not know when they will encounter. Many people called Friends of the soul and the mind. They are honest and sincere. They know when we have a well, and know how to make us happy, to know what we need, even when we do not have openings.


Sometimes a friend will touch our hearts, so we would love to have a lover friend. Friend let our eyes glowed, let us accompanied with song, let us jump for joy before the line.


There is a momentary friends, they are either with us to spend a vacation, or had to spend a few days or even a few hours. Together, they always make us face covered with a smile.


Also a distant friend, they at the end of the branches, when the wind, they will be looming in the middle of the other leaves. Although they are not always around us, but it has been very close with our hearts.


The passage of time, summer and autumn came, some leaves away from us, some leaves will appear in another summer, there are some leaves will accompany many of our season. But the thing that makes us happy is that those Although withered not had leaves away, they are still with the joy of nourishing our roots. That is the memories they left we met.


Every passing our life is unique. They will leave their imprint, will take away some of our breath. I need you, the leaves of the Tree of Life, like the need for peace, love and health, both now and forever. Similarly, some people will take away a lot, it was also nothing left. This just proves that two souls will not meet by chance.